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In-File Tracking

When you have to search for a file that isn’t where it was supposed to be? How much time, money, and lost productivity, frustration does that experience cost you? Safe Stor provides you with the tools and flexibility to view and build the right records management solution for
all your organizational needs.

Safe Stor offers in-file tracking through our web based software, i.e. (barcoding each file and viewing online). The benefits of in-file tracking with your company is a centralized database for inputting information, uploading, retrieving and tracking the movement of all of your companies files currently stored with Safe Stor Records Management.

Benefits To In-File Tracking

  • Web based solutions and in file tracking means there is no technology to buy, hence no capital expenditure or on-site technical expertise required. Software updates are done on the web server and are automatic.
  • Upload information currently used through your own programs and data dump right into our web portal program from your own office.
  • Visibility 24/7 on your boxes via our web-based portal
  • You can request delivery of specific boxes through our web-based portal
  • Web-based tool supports password protection, as well as the same sophisticated encryption technology used by financial institutions.
  • Record the location of each item, make notes about each item – for example, listing the
    contents of a box, and arrange items in searchable categories.